Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Holiday

Tonight we dyed Easter eggs. I feel that now that I'm mom I get to start doing all those fun family activities especially around the holidays. Even though my little guy isn't even 1 yet and could care less about doing things that he actually can't do yet. Actually I think we liked doing these types of things before you know like going to see a kids movie opening day, but without a kid.  Yeah that was my husband and I. So now at least I have a kid that I can do things with and not look like such an oddball.

Easter was the first holiday my husband and I celebrated when we first started dating. So it has always been special for us. Every year we have gotten each other an Easter basket filled with yummy treats. This year however, the basket is going to our little guy. I did get a few things for my husband, and I think most of the candy will be consummed by us loving parents. :)

I'm getting excited, of course I've had his Easter basket put together for about a week now. I like doing things ahead of time. Good thing he is still too little to know. I'm planning an Easter dinner for the family tomorrow night on Good Friday. This was we get our time to celebrate what Christ has done for us. He is Alive and Risen!!! Praise God! We will take some time out and reflect on that.

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