Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok so before kids, the TV was never on. Now, I hate to say it but it's on a lot. We're not always watching it, but it's on. During the day I can be found watching The Price is Right, Don't forget the Lyrics, and the news. Then the evening shows come on first with Wheel of Fortune, then the various evening ones. Well on Mondays The Bachelor is on...why oh why do I watch these shows?  My husband doesn't understand and frankly I don't either, except that it's fun remember all the gushy feelings I had when I started dating my hubby. It helps me to remember all the fun we had and how to keep the fun alive. Then bringing up conversations of what it was like the first time he met my parents, and the trips that we took and just the free and spontaneous times we had together.

Now just to keep the romance and the spontenaity going. I want to fall in love with my hubby every day and more than that I want to fall in love daily with my Savior. It's so hard to not get in a rut and just go through the motions of a relationship. I want it to be alive and strong. Anyways, sometimes watching TV does help to keep me focused on how lucky I am that God has choosen this life for me.

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