Friday, February 25, 2011


Today is the first full day of our fast since we actually started around 12 yesterday after deciding the Lemonade Diet wasn't for us. We are doing good so far, for breakfast I had a banana and some blueberry pomegranate applesauce. For lunch I had leftever skillet stuffed bell peppers from last night.

I am going to share 2 meals a week with a friend and she is going to split two meals with me that way we don't have to cook as many. So today I made up my two meals, spaghetti and chili. Both are things I have had before and we liked so it's not really anything new. Still healthy nontheless.

Since seeing a blog about No Spend Month over at Small Notebook a few months ago. My husband and I have talked about doing it several times. Now seems like the perfect time, so here we go No Spend Month and fasting. We are doing No spend month to get our spending back on track with our goals and to stop the frivolous spending. This is the perfect time, and on top of it we get to go see Dave Ramsey Live next weekend. I'm super excited about focus our time and energies on a better lifestyle.

I started reading Daniel this morning, as it just seemed fitting and it just confirmed why I am wanting to do this. I want to focus in on listening and trusting God wholeheartedly. Daniel was very courageous, wise, and faithful. I've been working on some of these traits for quite some time. Also, this fast is about not giving in to the flesh and simplifying. Thanks be to God for revealing this to me.  He is so faithful to answer and give direction if I'm willing to stop and listen.

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