Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spur of the moment

Yesterday a friend said she was going to start a diet and try to get a healtier lifestyle in motion. Now I've told her many times I'm not interested in dieting to be skinny. I just want to be healthy. However in the midst of excitment I agree to join her doing the Lemonade Diet for 4 days followed by the Daniel Fast. I wasn't too excited about the Lemonade Diet but thought the Daniel fast would be good and help to get me focused on creating healthier meals.

I have to world's best husband ever cause when I presented the idea to him he said "I'll eat whatever you make". I wasn't thinking he'd actually do it, but to top it off he agreed to doing both things. Now for him to be willing to try to not drink Dr. Pepper is a huge deal. So I am super excited to start this and truely appreciate his support and love.  We went to dinner together and discussed why we wanted to do this and it's mostly to get into better eating habits and hopefully use this time to focus on a relationship with Christ.

So we started the Lemonade Diet this morning, but after I attempted the salt water flush and drinking 1 glass of the Lemonade mix, I was still starving and not feeling so well. After several text messages and agreeing that the Lemonade diet wasn't really what we were looking for we decided to go straight to the Daniel Fast.

So here we go, I hope we can stick this one out. Tonight for dinner we are going to have stuffed bell peppers. That is something we both enjoy, however I will be using beans instead of beef.

I'm ready to get started and get some new healthy recipes in my mind. I went through a cookbook today and came up with several recipes to try. I hope we can incorporate a lot of the new stuff into our regular diet.

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